About us

Blue in Green makes sales promotions that people actually enjoy. That they want to spend time on and become emotionally attached to. That is the signature of our exclusive and complete campaigns: from A to Z. From sales promotional items to striking displays on the shop floor. Always attracting the attention of the media with a press presentation or content for television. In short: Blue in Green takes your sales promotion campaign to the next level.
Blue in Green has built up international experience and an international network thanks to the enormously successful dance show Blaze, which enjoyed its world premiere in 2014 in London and has not stopped touring since. From Bangkok, Russia, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Bahrain, Turkey, England, France to Australia. In 2017 Blue in Green introduced its successful Sinterklaas Picture Books to the Belgian market. A bilingual publication; French and Flemish. Developed to include educational materials for homes and schools and introduced with a major press conference in Brussels.

Eric Holman

Managing Director

Eric Holman is the creative brain behind and founder of Blue in Green. He started his own company in 2000 and has since developed more than 75 different projects: books, festivals and theatre shows. Eric has a background in marketing through his work at Joop van de Ende Theater Productions where he was responsible for PR & Marketing for theatre shows and musicals. At MOJO Concerts he also began with PR & Marketing then moved on to sponsorship and concept development. Eric is the face of Blue in Green, an inexhaustible source of creativity.

Govert Verbeek

Consultant Sales Promotions

Govert Verbeek worked for more than 18 years as a promotions manager for Douwe Egberts. He was responsible for all promotions and had a decisive influence on the development of sales promotions within the Company. He has now joined Blue in Green as a freelancer. His expertise and years of experience guarantee excellent results.

Gerard van Midden

Copywriter/Final editor

Gerard van Midden has worked for more than 30 years in and for education. As an independent copywriter he develops teaching methods and knows what educators need. He specialises in the effective use of the digital whiteboard. For Blue in Green he has been responsible for the final editing of, among other things, the Sinterklaas Picture Books, a major Blue in Green promotion for Unilever and Jumbo Supermarkets.

Marlies Lamers

Project manager Netherlands

Marlies Lamers is an experienced project manager with a versatile background in marketing and production. She has worked for Senf Theater Partners, Dancers on Stage, Cook a Dream and Maandag®. She was responsible for the marketing of, among others, Blaze, Tineke Schouten and the Ashton Brothers. In addition, she did the production of Soof the musical, several theatre performances by choreographer Isabelle Beernaert and organised company events for 1,500 visitors. At Blue in Green Marlies, always an enthusiastic project manager, ensures that every project runs smoothly and deadlines are met: she dots the I’s and crosses the T’s!

Elisabeth Baird

Project manager United Kingdom

Elisabeth Baird is a project manager for Blue in Green in the UK. She was trained as a lawyer at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and worked as a transaction manager for large international clients. She is convinced of the importance of attention to detail from any competent and successful project manager. Elisabeth also works as a freelance translator – Dutch to English – for many different clients and applies this specialism for Blue in Green as well.

Caroline Vanmaele

Project manager Belgium

Caroline Vanmaele is a project manager for Blue in Green in Belgium. Caroline completed her studies in Mechelen in 1998 taking a Bachelor in Communications, Press and Information Studies. She went on to do PR work for Ogilvy and was responsbile for production for companies such as Medialaan and Independent Concepts Antwerp. She is also familiar with the world of TV and Radio. Caroline has a lot of experience with the organisation of large projects. With attention to detail as well as keeping an overall view, she carefully monitors the entire project ensuring quality and meeting deadlines.

Eric Daams

Publishing expert

Eric Daams knows the publishing world like know one else. He has an extensive network of printers both nationally and internationally and knows exactly where is the best place to get every different project printed. He supervises all of Blue in Green’s publications, from the purchasing to printing of all promotional items, even the transport. From the USA to China and beyond!

Jochem Ruijgrok

Graphic Designer

Jochem Ruijgrok designs websites, PR-material and ensures beautiful layout for books. Blue in Green enjoys a great working relationship with Jochem because he is cooperative and goes the extra mile to ensure he delivers perfect designs.

Bert Breunesse

Website creator

Bert Breunesse knows every ICT trick. He builds and maintains websites and looks after the hosting with pleasure and without problems. He is fast, reliable and keeps reliably to all agreements. These characteristics are essential to the large projects which Blue in Green presents on the web.